We offer strategic Bush Regeneration that utilises a combination of traditional and modern natural area restoration techniques to undertake:

  • Primary, secondary and maintenance bush regeneration works
  • Fire preparation and post-fire regeneration works
  • Habitat restoration, enhancement and management
  • Weed control (i.e. environmental and noxious weeds)
  • Brushcutting
  • Chainsawing
  • Flame weeding
  • Management of threatened species
  • Erosion control works (including sediment fencing)
  • Direct seeding and brushmatting
  • Mulching
  • Biodiversity monitoring – transects, quadrats, photo-points and mapping
  • Volunteer supervision
  • Seed collection + storage and/or supply
  • Small-scale revegetation projects
  • Formulation of Management Plans for various vegetation management applications
  • Specialist advice
  • Training and education