Bush Habitat Restoration Co-operative Limited is a not-for-profit co-operative founded in October 2001 by John Diamond (19 September 1947 – 31 December 2019) and Georgina San Roque (now retired.)

We aim to provide clients with thoughtful and cost-effective ecological restoration/bush regeneration work that is focused on the needs of the site, particularly in protecting and restoring wildlife habitat.

Our Leaders are:

Yogesh Nair Director – Principal Executive Officer

Yogesh has a Master of Science in Biodiversity Conservation, Bachelor of Environmental Science, Advanced Diploma in Applied Environmental Management and Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management. Yogesh is also an Accredited Biodiversity Assessment Method (BAM) Assessor and an Accredited Member of the Ecological Consultants Australia.

With a total 11 years of experience in ecological restoration on vegetation communities of the  Cumberland Plain and Sandstone in the Sydney bioregion. Yogesh has skills in flora surveying and monitoring, project management, work health safety and client liaison. Yogesh undertakes active volunteering work with not-for profit organisations.

“I am focused on achieving best ecological outcomes and maintaining a strong working relationship with clients.”

Debra-Ann Rothwell – Director, Executive Assistant and  Site Supervisor

Debra has Diploma in Conservation and Land Management, Certificate IV and Certificate II in Bush Regeneration. Debra has worked for bush regeneration companies as well as Councils, in the role of Supervisor, Bushcare Trainer and Team member over her 16 years experience in bush regeneration. She has worked in various plant communities on Shale and Sandstone throughout the Sydney bioregion including skills in restoration of endangered ecological communities.

“I find it satisfying to see the natural areas we work in evolve and recover from impacts, and to know I have contributed to the process.”

Daniel Hastings – Director, Eastern Project Officer and Site Supervisor

Daniel has a Cert IV in Conservation and Land Management and over 20 years of industry experience in ecological restoration on various endangered ecological communities on shale and sandstone in the Sydney bioregion. Daniel is an experienced site supervisor and staff support representative. Daniel’s experience is backed by a long history of horticulture, trades experience, recycling, community and volunteer groups, plus bush and nature pursuits, Daniel brings a lifetime of experience and passion to his various positions and responsibilities within the company and the broader industry.

“I am enthusiastic about helping people to help nature, and seeing both flourish.”

Sophia Dunn – Director, West/North Project Officer, Site Supervisor

Sophia has a Master of Environmental Science and Management and a BSc of Environmental Earth Science. She has over 4 year’s experience as a Bush Regenerator and Supervisor in many of the vegetation communities in the North and West of Sydney.

Skye Virgin – Director, East Assistant Project Officer, Site Supervisor

Skye has a Diploma in Conservation and Land Management. She has over 3 year’s experience as a Bush Regenerator and 1 years experience as a Site Supervisor working vegetation communities in the East, North and West of Sydney. 

Karen Benhar – Director, Administration Officer

Karen has completed Cert III in Conservation and Land Management and has worked for many years in IT as a developer. She also has a BA in Communications. She manages the office and can be seen in the field as a Bush Regenerator when required. 

“I enjoy taking an active part in providing a solution to some of the  issues facing the world at this time.”

Alex Bamforth – Site Supervisor

Alex has a Bachelor of Science degree, Diploma in Software Development, Certificate II and III in Conservation and Land Management (Academic Excellence Awards), and is an accredited Bush Regenerator Practitioner with AABR. Alex has previously been a Director with Bush Habitat Restoration Co-operative for over four and a half years and spent almost four years as the Principal Executive Officer. With over nine years’ experience in Bush Regeneration in a variety of roles including leadership, training all levels of staff in all roles, site assessment, tendering/quoting, Bushcare supervision, client liaison, cloud computing, VBA programming, MYOB and site supervision.

“I am passionate about assisting our bushland areas and always wanting to cooperate to achieve the very best outcomes.”

Theo Karalis – Site Supervisor

Theo has completed a Certificate in Horticulture and Certificate III Conservation and Land Management. Theo has over 20 years of experience in horticulture, mainly in nursery environment, in addition to extensive experience in ecological restoration of sandstone vegetation communities including endangered ecological communities in the Sydney bioregion.  Theo’s areas of interest and expertise include restoration of Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub, Coastal Foredune vegetation communities, propagation and growing of Australian native species, and an aspiration for protection for our marine environment.

“I am have a strong passion about restoration of the natural environment that we are a part of” 

Calvin Williams – Site Supervisor

Calvin has a Bachelor of Environment Science and Cert II in Conservation and Land Management. He has 4 year’s experience as a Bush Regenerator and 1 years experience as a Site Supervisor. He has worked in many vegetation communities in the West, North and East of Sydney.